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· visibility 5 · 10 Oct 2019

How casino fashion styles changed throughout the years

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “casino fashion” is classy women and men in elegant suits and dresses with fashionable hairstyles, but in the beginning it was all very different. This article will tell you how the history of casino fashion evolved over the years.

American Saloons

Can you believe that casinos were not always fancy places? Yes, a long-long time ago, American saloons opened their doors to all visitors – to rich and poor. At the table gathered all kinds of people – from high-class visitors down to dirty cowboys. The clothes didn’t matter, the most important thing was the amount of money involved in bets..

Old-School-gangster casino style

After the Saloon fashion, that did not exist, came the old-school-gangster fashion. This was the real fashion and stayed for a long time: suited men with a hat and a white scarf smoking a cigar and dazzling ladies with boas and feathery accessories. The model of that fashion was Frank Sinatra, always elegant and also nobody can forget the handsome look of agent 007.

The casino fashion nowadays

Celebrities and casino themed movies form the representation of casino fashion nowadays. It is usually casual suits and dresses, always stylish and elegant. To the dress code were added designer names, such as Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, who get their inspiration from some famous online slot titles like Golden Era or Immortal Romance. Many modern casinos have a dress codes, so before heading there to play some games, check the rules for the current casino and their dress code, or why not just play our casino slots and have a wonderful time?
· visibility 5 · 10 Oct 2019
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