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    4x Vegas Joker Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

    4x Vegas Joker Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

    5/5 (672)
    Add a Wild Joker card to the decks and play 4 hands per game round with the 4x Vegas Joker video poker from iSoftBet. The top prize is 5000 coins at max bet and if you are dealt a Natural Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K, Ace all same suit, any order, no wild card) in your initial hand, all four hands will pay 5000 coins for a total win of 20,000 at max bet using 1.00 coins.  

    To play the 4x Vegas Joker game simply choose a coin size from 0.10 to 1.00 and the number of coins to stake per hand (1-5). Pressing the Deal button will deliver five large cards face-up into your initial hand and three more hands face down. Clicking on any card will Hold it so that it isn't discarded when you draw new cards. Each held card will also be copied onto the other three hands. Press Deal again to replenish each hand to five cards and collect winnings for any hand ranking at least a pair of Kings.

    A Gamble game is also available for up to 5 attempts at double or nothing.

    Your feedback about iSoftBet`s 4x Vegas Joker game would help us making CalvinCasino more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    4x Vegas Joker Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

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